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Conflict Resolution

Although society emphasizes the importance of accountability, many of us struggle to hold others accountable and engage in effective conflict both in our personal and work lives. This struggle often occurs because we either did not have good role models for dealing with conflict or were never trained on how to successfully navigate conflict. This class will provide an overview of why conflicts occur and the unmet needs that underlie them, explore the weaknesses of traditional views and approaches to conflict, provide a new framework for conflict resolution and teach the skills necessary to successfully navigate and resolve conflict in the workplace. Participants will learn how to create the right environment for resolution, manage their emotions when dealing with conflict, and create a conflict dialogue, which is essential for resolution.

Role plays, scenarios and exercises will be used to assist participants in translating the skills they have learned into practice. At the end of the workshop participants will be able to identify their personal triggers in conflicts and learn how to manage them, have the awareness needed to avoid the common pitfalls of conflict resolution, and be able to effectively engage in a conflict dialogue.

The 2-5 day course will cover conflict strategies in more detail, provide additional opportunities for practice, will explore the dynamics of organizational conflict and provide strategies on how to transform your agency from conflict avoidant to conflict resolving.

{CO & AZ POST Certified}