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Employee Motivation

Employee motivation in the U.S. is in a critical state with over 50% of employees admitting they only do the minimum to get by and over 80% admitting they could work harder on the job. These troubling statistics are made worse by the status of our economy, which has increased stress and reduced motivation. This workshop will briefly describe the two main types of motivation and explain how these influence employee behavior, identify the keys necessary to motivate employees, provide strategies supervisors and executives can use to get the best from their employees and explore the benefits of using these strategies (e.g., increased productivity, reduced absences, and higher satisfaction).

Participants will learn how to informally assess their supervisees’ motivation level and how to intervene to increase their motivation, satisfaction, and engagement at work. Exercises and scenarios will also be used to gain a deeper understanding of: the reasons why employees code an experience as motivating or demotivating, the psychological “bank account” and how this can be used to motivate employees, the way goal setting influences motivation, and how tapping employee strengths can increase motivation, engagement and commitment to work.

The 2-5 day class will explore how strategic planning and effective organizational structuring can enhance employee motivation. The detail in which these topics will be covered is dependent on the length of the course.

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