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Interpersonal Communication

Although most of us consider ourselves to be effective communicators, we all experience situations in which what we intended is not what is received by others. This miscommunication can lead to conflict, stress in the workplace and organizational ineffectiveness. This course will explore all the components of interpersonal communication, provide participants a chance to assess their communication style, teach strategies to enhance communication skills, and help participants understand how and why miscommunication occurs. Participants will also learn about how the masks we wear and invisible filters we use distort the messages we send and receive and the importance of checking the receipt of the messages we send out. Interactive exercises, role plays and scenarios will be used to highlight communication dynamics and practice new skills and strategies.

The 2-5 day course provides a more in-depth review of communication, explores in more detail the concept of the psychological bank account and how this affects communication, and provides a review of and strategies to improve organizational communication.

 {AZ POST Certified}