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Interviewing for Success

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Interviewing for Success

Interviewing is a critical but often overlooked skill in the job application and promotional processes. Many confident and capable individuals end up unprepared for the interview portion of the selection process because they did not effectively prepare, practiced the wrong things or were told they did not need to practice at all. This course will cover how to effectively prepare for any interview, review how to assess and be able to discuss your strengths without sounding arrogant, how to effectively manage your weaknesses, teach you how to handle unexpected and/or challenging questions, and provide strategies on how to manage stress and anxiety. Participants will also learn why a key to having a successful interview begins years before and how they can lay that important foundation over time.

Experiential exercises, scenarios and role plays will be utilized to highlight and practice the concepts taught and small and large group discussion will be used to share/learn from past successes and failures.

The 2-5 day course will provide more opportunity to discuss all aspects of the interview process, allow individuals a chance to share their strengths assessment and more fully develop this as a strategy for success, enable participants to develop an in-depth plan to manage their weaknesses, and provide chances for individuals to participate in mock interviews.