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Strength-Based Leadership

In recent years the fields of psychology and business have become increasingly focused on the identification and development of individual strengths. Unfortunately, there are too few opportunities for organizations to be trained in a strength based approach, which would allow employers to more fully develop their employees. This course will briefly describe the strength based approach, explain why it is critical to use in supervision, review the four basic needs of supervisees, and describe the concrete benefits to utilizing this approach with employees (e.g., increased productivity and engagement, reduced absences, higher satisfaction, and lower turnover). The concept of the “psychological bank account” will also be explored and participants will learn how to strategically invest in this account to build relationships and increase motivation and how to withdraw from this account without damaging the relationship they have created.

Participants will learn to differentiate between strengths, skills, and knowledge in their employees, how to assess their own strengths as supervisors, and understand why this is a critical step in being able to develop their workforce. Participants will also be exposed to tools they can use to identity their employees' strengths and be provided several strategies to consistently tap those strengths. There will also be hands on portions of the workshop where individuals will be able to demonstrate their knowledge of employee strengths by working through various scenarios and creating an individualized strengths plan.

The 2-5 day course will provide additional exercises on assessment and utilization of strengths. This longer course will also cover how to identify and leverage organizational strengths, how to effectively utilize positive employees and manage negative ones, and explore the link between the identification and use of strengths and the organizations vision.

{CO, CA, & AZ POST Certified}