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Succession Planning

Many organizations have informal guidelines for succession planning; however, few have a comprehensive and long-term approach. This lack of an organized, formal approach leads to many qualified individuals not being given the training and skills they need to move up in the organization and also does not make clear who in the organization is in charge of developing the next generation. Given that the Baby Boomer generation will represent 45% of the population by 2015, and a significant number of retirements will come soon after, now is the time for your organization to develop a formal succession plan.

This course will explore the steps and strategies for creating an effective succession plan, how to select the best employees (both new and experienced) to participate in the program, roadblocks to avoid, the importance of developing a formal mentoring program as a part of this process, and explain the best strategies for developing employees. Small and large group discussion, experiential activities and scenarios will be utilized to share experiences, enhance learning and personally experience the concepts.

The 2-5 day course will provide more breakout sessions that will focus on developing specific aspects of a succession plan, provide a more detailed review of mentoring and allow time for individuals/groups to begin outlining what mentoring should look like in their organization and assisting with the formal development of policy.